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"Love Each Other" Ministry
Are you in need of having some help with a project around your house?

Are you, your family, or your small group looking for an opportunity to serve and love others?

We want to be able to connect those needing help with those willing to help.
     * If you have a project contact the church office and we will take down all the necessary information. We will
post that information on the "Love Each Other" bulletin board in the church lobby and here on the church website.
     * If you want to help with completing one of these projects contact the person listed and once the project is
completed, let the church office know so we can remove the posting.

Normally, these projects will be completed at no financial cost. They are simply an act of loving each other.
However, there are times when we have students that are seeking to earn money to help pay for camp or
youth events, or just to earn some spending money. If you are willing to pay a student for completing
the project, let the office know that when you call in your project.


Linda Stuard (269-277-1505): Needs outside of trailer power washed.
Linda Vorce: In need of a ride to and from church on Sunday mornings. Call the church office for details (463-3195).