May Prayer Requests for our Church:

For Pastor Mark & Lyn

For God’s will to be revealed to them

For God’s peace in their hearts and minds as they seek His will

Praise the Lord that He has a plan for their future work for Him


For our Congregation:

Thank the Lord for Pastor Mark and Lyn’s 25 years of ministry here

Trusting God for His leading in the calling of our new Pastor

Asking God for his leading in the calling of our new pastor

Asking God to comfort us- it’s hard to see our beloved Pastor and Lyn retiring after 25 years!


For VanderBloemen Search Group (VSG):

For Wisdom in putting information and a video online about our church and community- our profile, our vision, our people

For wisdom in going through the applicants-looking for those who are a good match for our church, doing background checks

For wisdom in finding those 5 or 6 candidates that meet what we are searching for in a Lead Pastor, including a person with “an authentic and passionate Christ-centered walk…leading by word and example as he guides the church to accomplish its vision and mission” (taken from church board’s paper “About the Position”)


For our Future Pastor:

That God would guide the man of His choice to the VSG website and our church’s profile

That God would lay our church on his heart

For Our Future Pastor’s Congregation:

For God’s comfort as they go through the process of their pastor moving on

For trusting God to lead and guide them in the search for their new pastor


As Howard Fish told us in our ABF time, pray Col 1:9-11 for Pastor Mark and Lyn, for our church, for our church board, for the pastoral search committee, for VSG and Tim, our search consultant, for the candidates and their wives, and for our future pastor’s current congregation.