What is it?

A outreach activity where kids will walk down the rows of cars with trunks decorated festively. Each child will receive a Christmas “treat” from each trunk.

What will I have to do?

Decorate your trunk, dress festively (costumes if you so choose), provide around 200 treats (1 treat per child) and hand out your treats during the event.

What do you mean “Treats”?

Some ideas include homemade cookies, chex mix, holiday themed candy, (NO CANDY CANES the kids will get them at the Candy Cane Hunt) , Christmas ornaments, holiday prizes (i.e. pencils, stamps, stickers etc.)


We would like to have variety, so please specify what you will be bringing on the sign up sheet so we can do our best not to have duplicates.

Lunch will be provided for all participating in the “Trunks of Treats” following the election on December 9th after the morning worship service. Come Sunday morning with your treats and trunk ready to be set up after lunch!

Contact the Church Office with any other questions!


Volunteer Opportunities
Check where you are able to help: